Areas of Legal Practice

CORPORATE LAW – deals with the registration, follow up, control and striking off of companies, of oversea companies, of partnerships and of business names.
Bankruptcies and Liquidations practicing with the receipt and administration of property assets of insolvent natural and legal persons.
Intellectual and Industrial Property Section practicing with trade marks, patents and intellectual property matters.

IMMOVABLE PROPERTY LAW – deals with Real Estate search in all towns of Cyprus (proof of funds, letter of intention to invest needed), negotiation of the price, setting up of buying or selling contracts, apllying for any goverment license if needed, deposit of contracts of sale to land registry.

CONTRACT LAW – deals with the preparation of any section of legal agreements.

CIVIL LAW – deals with civil actions for compensations or orders of the court and also money collection.

FAMILY LAW – deals with political marriage in Cyprus normally for British, Israeli and Russians. Issuing of licence for marriage and setting up the whole process. We also deal with divorce applications.

WILLS & PROBATE – deals with the preparation of wills the deposit to the registrar and the execution when applicable.

CRIMINAL LAW – deals with the defence on any criminal matters beginning from a road and traffc offence to international defence for extratition.

MEDICAL LAW – An area of law where the defence is mostly needed by Doctors, Nurses, Medical Practitioners, Pharmacists and some times needed for patients.