The present website is a tool of Vasilis N. Constantinou LLC [LAW CHAMBERS] lawyers company located in Cyprus and is a member of the cyprus bar association www.cyprusbarassociation.org.

Cyprus is an island country in the meditteranean and is a member of European Union and Eurozone. http://www.cyprus.gov.cy [Cyprus Government website]. The island from ancient history was a platform of trade.

Today Cyprus offfers corporate structures for companies throughout the World to help companies increase their profits and reach their goals. Cyprus Corporate structure is a safe way for a third country company to begin activities in the European Market and expand. European Union market is an economic zone where millions of people and companies participate for trade and make business every second. Cyprus Corporate is proven to be very helpfull and profitable for European Companies because of minimizing managerial costs and advancing quality of service where Cyprus corporate services have world excellences.

Tourism and Leisure is another pillar of the Cyprus economy. Millions of Tourists visit beautiful sunny Cyprus every year and different companies enter the Cyprus Market in order to proceed in Cyprus with Tourist Activities, either by investing on Hotels and [now] Cazinos and Marinas or Leisure Developments or the sale of tourist goods and services.

Oil & Gas is an upcoming economic pillar for Cyprus Economy. The dynamic of this sector is proven by different certified research results and Cyprus already signed and upcoming contracts to sign on Oil & Gas. From the above we hope to give you the bussiness man or the company of an idea for the business happening and due happenings in Cyprus and generally opportunities that companies can have within Cyprus and through Cyprus for the European Union market.

Vasilis Constantinou LLC [ LAW CHAMBERS] can assist you for your activities as a person or company within Cyprus and E.U through Cyprus.